Creating a project

Discover how to host a project on Sproutback. Check out our project guidelines, FAQ and more.


Sproutback campaigns must be project based

All Sproutback campaigns must be journalism projects, that is to say they must have a clearly defined end goal. Having an end goal means that the project will be completed, and something will be produced. A campaign to launch a new publication or to produce an article is great. But a campaign to cover the ongoing costs of your publication or a campaign to fund you while you look for a story to write about, does not count as a project.

Sproutback cannot be used for charity appeals

Raising money for a cause or charity is not allowed within Sproutback guidelines - it also doesn’t meet our first guideline of being a project.

This goes for offering a charitable donation as a stretch goal or reward. E.g. You cannot offer to give 5% of all money raised over your target to a charity.

Charities and not-for-profit organisations can however raise money for charitable projects. You can raise money to produce a story or documentary on a charity or to discuss a charity, you just can't put money towards the charity. For charitable crowdfunding, please see our friends over at

Projects must fit within one of Sproutback’s categories

Our categories are targeted at journalism type projects, we have tried to encompass as many themes as we can, if you are unsure you can always use our ‘check your idea’ form. Our categories are Blog, Cartoon, Documentary, Interview, Investigative, Print, Photo, Podcast, Research.

You must be over 18 to start a project

Project creators must be over the age of 18, this is to protect both our backers and creators. A parent or guardian may run a project on a minor’s behalf, however they will hold the full responsibility of ensuring a successful project gets completed.


To start a Sproutback campaign you must provide a residential address, contact phone number, a valid bank account and photo identification (i.e. driver’s license, passport, etc ) and a second form of ID ( e.g. medicare card, bank statement).

Additional Guidelines

Evidence of ability to complete campaign

Some campaigns may be required to produce evidence of their ability to complete the project. This is often the case for some of the larger projects, like documentaries, or projects that don't seem to 'match' the target amount required. In some circumstances we may ask to see a work plan or a plan for production (i.e. how are you going to complete this story with such a small budget?).

What can’t be a project?

  • Sproutback cannot be used to raise money for any illegal or fraudulent purpose.

  • Sproutback cannot be used for projects that infringe on someone else's copyright.
  • Sproutback cannot be used for contests, lotteries, raffles or gambling.

What cannot be a reward?

  • No alcohol - no alcoholic beverages, beer, wine or spirits.

  • No illegal or restricted items - when shipping overseas, make sure that you comply with international laws.

  • No drugs, tobacco or prescription medication.

  • No offensive or distasteful material (e.g. hate speech).

  • No firearms, weapons or weapon accessories.

  • No financial or equity rewards - you cannot offer a financial return or a stake in your project, similarly you cannot solicit a loan and offer ‘money back’.

  • All projects must comply with all relative state, national and international rules, guidelines and governing bodies.