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About Us

Sproutback is an Australian based crowdfunding platform for creative projects, but with a focus on journalism. That means we provide the place for journalists, writers, videographers and you, to raise money to help pay for the creation of content that your audience wants. Conversely, this means that we also provide a place for people to support the creation of stories that they want to hear.

Say a journalist is writing a story that you're interested in, but they need $200 to conduct some more research - you might be willing to pledge $10 to help them on their way. Don't worry if they don't raise the $200, you won't have to pay anything, money is only accepted if the project is going to go ahead - this protects you, the writer and us, from having to deliver something that can't be done.

Using pledges as a way to raise money for an article, is also a great way to validate the interest in a story. If it is a popular story, then it should reach its target goal easily, if the story doesn't reach its goal, then it might be that the story wasn't of much interest to the audience. It should be noted however that this is not always the case.

Sproutback is also very pleased to announce that we have partnered up with news/blog site, The Dot Point, and we will be working with them and you to create the stories that you want to read. Got something of interest that you'd like to hear more about? Then get in touch with us here at Sproutback or over at The Dot Point and we can work with you to get some of the inhouse writers at The Dot Point to work on your story.

ABN: 63 069 092 519