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Ever wanted to read, watch or write about a particular journalism story, but haven't been able to find one - or get the support to write one. Then Sproutback is the perfect place to make that happen.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a community based way of raising money and funding a project. It revolves around a community of ‘backers’ who donate funds towards a project in return for a ‘reward’ from the project’s creator. Often the type of reward is related the amount the backer has decided to donate.

Crowdfunding works as a great way for project creators to find validation in their idea, before investing too much time or money. It also helps creators to raise that critical funding to help them get their project off the ground.

Crowdfunding is also an excellent way for backers help support and foster a project at the ground level and sometimes get early releases of new products.

Sproutback uses crowdfunding to help get 'the audience' (that's you guys) to help contribute towards the content that you want to read/watch/see/create. Many of our project creators want to produce news and interest pieces but need some sort of funding to do it, your pledges validate their story ideas and help to make sure they get published.

What is Sproutback?

Sproutback is an Australian based crowdfunding platform that focuses on reporting and journalism.

You can use Sproutback to crowdfund all kinds of journalism and writing, from raising money for whole publication, to trying to get a few dollars to draw a cartoon. We currently break our story ideas down into Blogs, Cartoons, Documentaries, Interviews, Investigations, Print Journalism, Photo Journalism, Podcasts and Research.

You can find many of the articles on Sproutback published on the site of our major partner, The Dot Point.

Create your own story:

If you have a story that you want to create, then simply pitch it here and ask for the funding that you think you'll need to make it happen. What's even better, is that if you don't have somewhere to publish your story, then make sure you contact us and we'll speak to our friends at and we'll have them publish it for you - just make sure you contact us first to ensure that it's appropriate.

Don't be limited to just stories, you can fund entire publications or documentaries through Sproutback, you can even fund your next blog post. If you've got an audience interested in what you have to say, then we want to help fund you!

Have a story created on your behalf:

Interested in finding out more about something, or looking to read an article, but don't want to or can't write it yourself? Get in contact with us, and we'll use one of the in house journalists at TheDotPoint and see if they can come up with something for you. They'll work out the funding that they'll need to make it happen, and launch a project on your behalf.